What Is The Best Business Analyst Certification, PMI-PBA, Or CBAP?

What Is The Best Business Analyst Certification, PMI-PBA, Or CBAP?

Business analyst certification courses help the person in understanding the job of a business

analyst in a much better way. However, there are various courses, and people often get confused as to which one they should choose. Two of the most famous certification courses for the business analyst is the PMI-PBA certification course and the CBAP certification course. But which one is better? To help in understanding this below is a detailed discussion about each certification course.

PMI-PBA Certification Course

The PMI-PBA certification course stands for Project Management Institute- Professional In

Business Analysis certification. It is designed for business analysts who want to be in the department of managing projects and programs. A person who has a certificate in this particular course is eligible to work in a company and directly interact with stakeholders. Their job is to make sure that the projects in which the company is working to deliver a good outcome. However, not everyone can get this certificate. To apply for this particular course, a person needs to have experience in the field of business analysis for three years, in the past eight years. If the person does not have a Bachelor’s degree, then he/she needs to have an experience of 5 years in the field of business analysis. Moreover, for being eligible to enroll for this particular certification course, a person should also, have experience of 2000 hours of working on projects with teams and a 35-hour course in business analysis. After fulfilling all of these criteria, a person is eligible to apply for a PMI-PBA course. Another question which

people have is that, Why should one take up the PMI-PBA exam? This particular course is designed for business analysts who are more interested in project management. For business analysts with PMP certification, this course would act as a cherry on top of the cake and help the person in getting more opportunities in this field.

CBAP Certification Course

The CBAP certification stands for Certification Of Competency In Business Analysis and focuses more on the genre of consulting, system analysis, and process improvement. A person who is certified in this particular course is eligible to work in the department of business analysis as a system analyst, as a consultant and other similar profiles. However, for being eligible for this certification course, one needs to fulfill certain criteria. Firstly, the person needs to have at least 3750 hours of experience in the field of business analysis for over seven years. Another criterion states that the person needs to have at least 900 hours of experience in any 2 of the six knowledge areas. If not, then at least 500 hours of experience in any four of the six knowledge areas is required. Moreover, a person should also have 21 hours of professional development in the past four years of his/her life. In addition to all these, the course even requires references from two clients whose project, the business analyst was handling. Moreover, this particular is not a read-from-a-book-and-answer in the exam type, of course. A person needs to have the practical knowledge to give this exam. If this is not enough, then another thing is that the candidates are selected for appearing on the examination based on their application letter. A person who fulfills all of the above criteria and has submitted a good application letter to the board will be selected for giving the CBAP exam. The benefits of being a CBAP certified business analysts are many. As the name states, this particular certification course helps the person in getting more job opportunities in the

consulting department and even opens up jobs for higher profiles. However, there are many requirements in this particular certification course. As one can see, both the exams are quite different and come with different benefits. While the PMI-PBA course has fewer requirements, the exam is quite tough. One has to prepare for the exam from notes and various reference materials. On the other hand, the CBAP exam has tons of requirements, and the candidates are selected based on their applications. While a person can remain sure that he/she is giving the PMI-PBA exam after filling out the application form, the same is not the case in CBAP. However, both the certifications can help the person in getting a boost in their career.