Shopify Ninja Course Review

As one of the courses marketed as a great fit for anyone interested in learning Amazon FBA. If you’ve been wondering how people get to collect hundreds of reviews for their products, this right here is the best course for you.

While it’s hard to dispute the guy is clearly  Kevin David Reviews  making a lot of money, the majority of it comes from his digital courses. He made $10 million in 17 months flogging his training.

To address email follow-ups and reviews, this module is also broken into two parts. One of the biggest selling points for products on Amazon is the reviews. People want to know what others are saying about that product before they spend their money. Online shoppers are smart, and they learn from the experiences of others.

Then, you’ll learn about how to strike deals with American manufacturers to save money and time on shipping if you live in the US. He makes the majority of his money from his online courses- not his FBA or Shopify products. The last highlight is the most important because a lot of people tend to blow their budget within the first two days of starting an advertisement campaign. All of this can happen in a few days if you are not careful about spending money on the right campaigns. You can learn a lot about a product by checking out reviews of the product online.

Then Part 2 shows you how to take these tips and templates to find a great supplier for your product. First, Kevin covers finding the cheapest Alibaba products and shipping them directly from China to the Amazon FBA Warehouse to save on product costs.

Now a lot of people have criticized him selling this information when much, if not all of it can be found somewhere online for free. Many people even feel that if he “needs” to sell a course for money, then he must not be as successful with eCommerce as he claims to be.

Kevin David is an 8+ figure entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and coach to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and students around the world. Marketing, especially online marketing has become one of the hottest aspects in the recent years. With the fast growth of the Internet, people choose to spend more time on the Internet, making it a valuable opportunity for marketers to earn massive profits. I love this question because I see so many people call certain courses or products “scams” because the information can “easily be found for free”. So getting into the mind and learning the process of someone who has built so many successful courses is invaluable.